Sunday, April 18, 2010

Day 18: Favorite Board Game

Oh so many! And we love playing with our friends (you know who you are!) but I think one of my favorites is Whoonu. Try it - you'll like it!

300 cards labeled with random people, places, things, actions, etc.
36 tokens in six different values (1 to 6)
Secret envelope
There are different combinations for the number of tokens needed depending on how many people are playing. If there are three participants, use tokens 1 to 4 in stacks of three. If there are four players, use tokens 1 to 6 in stacks of four, tokens 1 to 4 in stacks of five if there are five, and tokens 1 to 5 in stacks of six if there are six. Also, note that there are many different species of cards. Make sure you pick the right ones.

The envelope is given to the player whose birthday is coming up next. This player is the first "Whoozit".

Everyone except the Whoozit receives four cards and the remaining cards are put face down in a pile. Players can look at their cards, but cannot show them to anyone else.

Game play
In each round, players will try to guess the Whoozit's favorite things. For example, a player may have been dealt these cards: Super Bowl Sunday, New York City, string cheese and gardening. He would pick two cards (if there were three or four players) or one card (if there were five or six players) marked with things he thinks the Whoonu prefers.

All the players other than the Whoozit put their chosen cards in the envelope without revealing them. The Whoozit then takes the cards out of the envelope and secretly puts them behind the corresponding tokens 1 least favorite and 6 for most favorite.

The Whoozit reveals the least favorite thing first, reading it aloud. The player who chose this card takes the 1 token and gets one point. The Whoozit continues turning over cards until all of them are revealed and one token from each stack is awarded.

After this process is completed, it's time for a new Whoozit. Everyone passes their cards to player on their left. The player with no cards takes the envelope and becomes the new Whoozit.

All the revealed cards are put in a discard pile. Everyone except the Whoozit draws more cards for a total of four cards in each hand. The game continues until everyone has been the Whoozit and all the tokens are awarded.

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Wings said...

Fun game, and you get to learn a little more about the people you play with, as well!