Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Understatement of the week!

Jessica Simpson's dog was snatched by coyote's...this was on

The first stage of grief is denial - but, this is ridiculous!

Jessica Simpson cannot admit that her missing dog Daisy is gone, considering she was last seen in the mouth of a coyote!

The singer has been in touch with, a dog-finding service that calls all of Jessica's closest neighbors to alert them of her "situation."

And although the "odds are against" her, a source claims that Jess is still praying for the Malti-Poo's safe return, especially because Daisy runs fast!


We love dogs and wish that her pooch was okay, but unless kills wild coyotes, it's looking grim!

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Wings said...

Yeah. She is having a tough time I guess. What does she THINK the coyote was gonna do with the dog?